The Kaalvoetvrou Monument and Retief’s Pass

Kaalvoet vrou Drakensberg monument

The Kaalvoetvrou monument in the Northern Drakensberg has some interesting historic stories that gives insight into our history. The Voortrekkers were renowned for their free spirit of independence and for their hardy resilience. Retief’s Klip (Retief’s Stone) is where Piet Retief’s party of Voortrekkers descended the Drakensberg and entered Natal on 14th December 1837. Retief’s […]

Interesting Facts about San or Bushman Rock Art

Drakensberg bushman rock art eland cave cathedral peak

Bushman rock art in the Drakensberg in South Africa and Lesotho is particularly well known for its beauty and vibrancy and for the sheer quantity of it. The San or Bushmen are considered to be the “First Peoples” of southern Africa. Bushman rock art in the Drakensberg Mountains is up to 2000 years old. Roch […]

Drakensberg Bushman Rock Art.


Drakensberg Bushman Rock Art is the reason the Drakensberg Mountains were declared a cultural World Heritage Site in 2000. The Drakensberg Mountains unique richness of biological diversity and its endemic and endangered species and its superlative natural beauty are contribute to its world heritage status. The main reason the Drakensberg Mountains was declared a World […]