Sentinel Peak Chain ladders – New ladders on the cards

Chain ladders at Sentinel Peak

The Sentinel Peak Chain Ladders that are used to access the Amphitheater route to the top of the Tugela Falls from Sentinel Car Park are going to be replaced with brand new ladders. This is happening because the engineers involved in the rehabilitation of the pathways have concerns about the safety of the current ladders. […]

Drakensberg quad bike trails

Drakensberg quad bike trails

A day spent riding a quad bike on rocky mountain passes and Drakensberg quad bike trails and through flowing water is exhilarating. Your Quad Bike experience in the Drakensberg is a day that you will not soon forget. These Quad Biking adventures are fun adrenaline pumping experiences in the great outdoors. A Quad Bike is […]

Drakensberg helicopter flip

Drakensberg helicopter flights

You have not lived until you have experienced a Drakensberg helicopter flip. Take a Helicopter ride and see the Drakensberg like you’ve never seen it before. Select one of the incredible Drakensberg helicopter flight packages and gain a new perspective on one of the most beautiful Mountain Ranges in the World. There isn’t a more […]

4×4 off roading in the Drakensberg

Drakensberg 4x4 off roading Sani Pass

The are a number of 4×4 off roading opportunities in the Drakensberg. Antbear Lodge has created a rudimentary 4×4 route on the farm and invites 4×4 enthusiasts to come and extend these 4×4 routes. The Drakensberg offers 4×4 off roading and trails that are amongst the best in the South Africa. Natural obstacles – steep slopes, […]

Drakensberg Horse trail

Drakensberg horse trails

A Drakensberg horse trail is a major reason that attract so many people the Drakensberg Mountains. Antbear Lodge, situated in the foothills of Giants Castle offers a great horse riding experience particularly suited to beginners. We practice the gentler horse whispering techniques to train our horses and go for slow outrides on the farm. One […]

Downhill Scooters in the Drakensberg

Downhill scooters in the Drakensberg

Yes downhill scooters in the Drakensberg is a thing. Enjoy you downhill scooter experience in the Central Drakensberg. These scooters are non-motorized making this an Eco-friendly mountain activity. These Swiss-designed scooters are used in the Alps during the summer season on the ski slopes when the snow is gone. If you can ride a bicycle, you can […]

Drakensberg Abseiling – Experience your adventure

Drakensberg abseiling

Abseiling is a popular adventure experience that is sought after by adrenaline seekers. Drakensberg Abseiling offers a safe and controlled environment near to Giants Castle and Antbear Lodge. Stepping backwards over the edge and descending down the cliff unleashing an adrenaline rush and boosting your self confidence. Beginner abseiling is our specialty although advanced guests […]