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Sustainable tourism. Our sustainability policy is a journey. Its about our efforts striving towards sustainability. I dont know if we will ever get there the goals just seem to keep moving.

Sustainable tourism - Happy chickens
Sustainable tourism is about happy chickens

Responsible tourism is the ethos of Antbear Lodge and is the basis of just about everything we do. Conny and I have realized our dream of a self sufficient lifestyle which has resulted in the development of our loved Antbear Lodge. It all started some 20 years ago where we left our corporate lifestyle in Germany and started our attempt of living differently.

garden harvest
Sustainable tourism is about growing your own food – Farm to fork

Our first step resulted in the construction of a straw bale building, an alternative building method that uses local resources with low impact on the world. Even the thatch for the roof was cut on the farm and the main costs of this construction type are labour keeping our money in the local economy. Since then we have built from sun dried bricks, rammed earth, cob and locally sourced stone from the farm. From there we have move to creating a reed bed filter to clean grey water before returning it to the environment. And slowly our vision at Antbear Lodge has developed into our concept of responsible tourism that includes fair wages and working conditions, fair distribution of benefits, ethical business practice, and respect for human rights, culture and the environment.

Sustainable tourism is about fair working conditions and happy staff

We have our own chickens for eggs, our own cows for milk and an organic vegetable garden. We bake our own bread and even make our own yogurt and cheese. We are strong believers in permaculture, have developed an earth worm farm and compost with a minimum waste policy and what we do produce as waste we try our utmost to recycle. Polystyrene is our last issue for which we have not found a recycle solution yet. We are also a haven for rescued animals and have taken on abused donkeys, horses, pigs and more. Few of these animals will ever be work animals and we are basically just offering them a loved environment to retire in.

Antbear - Ardvaark
Sustainability is about protecting your environment

We make an effort in conservation too and take our responsibility as stewards looking after this farm seriously. We try to remove alien invader species like wattle, hawthorn and american bramble. We keep poaching to a minimum and that is mostly due to our relationship with our community. Our latest project in partnership with a neighbor farm is establishing a vulture restaurant together with a vulture hide. The hope is that the vulture hide will be taken on by tourists wanting to photograph vultures and the funding can be put back into new vulture conservation efforts.

Along the way we have had our failures too. We started a program supporting a local school which worked well in the beginning but after too much money became available for the school so to did the abuse of that money begin. In fact lessons took a secondary role while the kids would sing for tourists at every opportunity and the teachers cashed in. We redeveloped the program by creating an NGO and letting the NGO manage the money working with a different school and no longer interrupt schooling with tourism. In short there have been lots of lessons.

Skills development is important and we have put in huge effort here. Antbear Lodge employs people from the local area. Most have little previous work experience or formal training. We provide continues training and skills development with workshops and practical training. Not only hospitality training and what is required to run our lodge but skills like wood working, refrigeration, electricity, plumbing, alternative building, up-cycling, permaculture and so much more. Its inspiring to see how these skills are slowly being introduced in the local community and our very alternative way of seeing things is becoming the new normal. We also operate a volunteer program where we take on people for shortish periods in an exchange of labour for accommodation and meals. We mostly teach woodworking and alternative construction but we have also done natural horsemanship.

Sustainable tourism is about your holiday contributing to better local living conditions and we all say thank you for staying with us from the bottom of our hearts

Our latest program is to attempt to uplift the local economy by developing entrepreneurial opportunities for people from our local communities. We are using our already established customer base as a market source The fist of these programs is up an running with a local villager who has built a star gazing hammock camp where he tell his folklore tales that came from is grandmother. Its loved by tourists and is a real authentic experience. We paid for the development costs and Mlendeni contributed his own labour to build it. The idea is that Mlendeni is responsible for running his own business. Already we can see that more business mentorship interventions are are needed and are now starting to work on that. This has resulted in the partnership with an NGO called Indalo Inclusive who support developing smmes that have a green and inclusive basis. I am sure this is a long term program as we are working with general education levels that are low.

We think that sustainability is a journey and it does not have an end. We can all do more and we should all do more and if you asked me to rewrite about this in a years time I will talk about new projects and new ideas of where we can practically make a difference.

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