Downhill Scooters in the Drakensberg

Downhill scooters in the Drakensberg

Yes downhill scooters in the Drakensberg is a thing. Enjoy you downhill scooter experience in the Central Drakensberg. These scooters are non-motorized making this an Eco-friendly mountain activity.

Drakensberg scootours
Downhill scooters in the Drakensberg

These Swiss-designed scooters are used in the Alps during the summer season on the ski slopes when the snow is gone. If you can ride a bicycle, you can ride a scooter. The down hill scooter are operated by an adventure business called Scootours.

Who can go ride a downhill scooter? If you can ride a bicycle you can ride a scooter. Kids ages 4-9yrs can
go as a passenger and kids from the age of 9 can go on their own as a rider.

You meet at Sandra se Winkel, from where your downhill scooter trip starts. You can park your vehicle in front of her shop. (Sandra se Winkel is a trip down memory lane definitely not to be missed. Allow some time before or after you Scootour trip to visit her museum.

Once ready will embark on the journey to the top of the mountain on the back of a 4×4 vehicle. Once at the top you will be handed a scooter and be briefed by the guide on how to operate the scooter. The downhill mountain scooter tour is guided. The route is easy to navigate and the only requirement is that you are able to ride a bicycle. You don’t need to be fit to enjoy Scootours. The only skill you need is that you are able to balance.

A great trip is to bring along a snack and beverage in a small back pack to enjoy at the top of the mountain.

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