Drakensberg Horse trail

Drakensberg horse trails

A Drakensberg horse trail is a major reason that attract so many people the Drakensberg Mountains. Antbear Lodge, situated in the foothills of Giants Castle offers a great horse riding experience particularly suited to beginners. We practice the gentler horse whispering techniques to train our horses and go for slow outrides on the farm.

honeymoon horse trail
Experiencing a Drakensberg horse trail for the first time.

One of the best ways to explore the Drakensberg is on horse  back. Take in the stunning views of the mountains riding our sure footed horses. Horse riders of all abilities enjoy the the horse trails at Antbear Lodge. There is a choice of western saddles where you will feel more comfortable have a handle to hold onto or a more traditional english saddle. You horse trail guide will lead you along the horse trail through spectacular scenery.

The region offers a lot more horse trail options. Of particular interest is the horse back safari through the Zulu Waters Private game reserve which is just across the road from Antbear Lodge. Here you get to ride amongst wildlife including white rhino, buffalo, zebra, eland and so much more.are offered that are as good an experience as they come.

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