Ever thought of doing a Drakensberg full moon walk? If you’re looking for something less crowded, this magical full moon guided trail at Antbear Lodge offers spectacular opportunities for full moon photography and with some luck some rare and elusive wildlife. The full hike to the aardvark lair is about 5 kilometers, but you can easily shorten it to suit your needs. The walk is slow and by the light of the moon clearly visible. When doing any hike after dark, personal safety is an important consideration which is why we recommend a guide.

full moon walks searching for an aardvark
Full moon walk – Searching for an aardvark in the Drakensberg

Full moons for 2021/2022:
2021: 27 Feb; 28 March; 27 April; 26 May; 24 June; 24 July; 22 Aug; 21 Sept; 20 Oct; 19 Nov; 19 Dec.
2022: 18 Jan; 16 Feb; 18 March; 16 April; 16 May; 14 June; 13 July; 12 Aug; 10 Sept; 9 Oct; 8 Nov; 8 Dec.

Have you ever heard of the Shy Five? Completely and utterly different to the Big Five, you’ll have to get up early to see this alternative game-viewing list. Keep a sharp eye out, because these animals spook easily and keep a very low profile. But they’re well worth the trouble. Meerkat, aardvark, aardwolf, porcupine and bat-eared fox. These animals are all elusive by nature, mostly nocturnal and critically endangered. We dont have bat-eared foxes in the Drakensberg but the other 4 make for some spectacular wildlife sightings.

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