Your Drakensberg proposal

Drakensberg engagement proposal

Looking for a special place to pop the question? A Drakensberg proposal might just be exactly what you are looking for.

Drakensberg engagement proposal
A successful engagement proposal in the Drakensberg

Think of something different for your proposal. What about a luxury cave. We are not talking here about a hole in the ground. We are talking about a cave that includes a Jacuzzi spa bath, cozy fireplace and king size double bed. Glass doors open onto a wooden deck with hammock chairs and a spectacular view. You could even consider arranging a private dining experience where we setup a table on the deck of your cave and you dine by candlelight under the stars.

If your girlfriend (soon to be fiancé) loves the outdoors and you as a couple enjoy hiking and weekend getaways in the Drakensberg, then a mountain proposal might just be the route to take!

Tips and ideas for you Drakensberg proposal


You’ll need to pick the perfect spot! You can’t drive all the way to the Drakensberg Mountains for this dramatic moment and not have the right place to pop the question (especially if you choose to hire a photographer to capture this once in a lifetime moment for you.

The team at Antbear Lodge are hopeless romantics and would be only too glad to help you choose the best location and even help with a romantic picnic should you wish to enjoy a meal and a celebratory glass of champagne in the mountains after.

Something dramatic

Is your girlfriend the kind that likes anything super dramatic and over the top? Do you fear that simply being surrounded by picturesque scenery won’t be enough for her? What about arranging a hot air balloon flight. Takeoff is 10 minutes before sunrise so that you enjoy the sunrise from the basket as you ascend.

Disguised Proposal

Keep her scent off the trail! Disguise your proposal behind another occasion by making the weekend about something else such as an anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day or just a stress free weekend away needed by both of you. Take a trip to the Drakensberg and surprise your lady with a proposal! There are so many benefits to surprising her in this way – for one; you will both be away together to cherish this amazing experience and toast to your future whilst being away from the city. Secondly, her emotions will be that much greater if she has no idea its about to happen. And thirdly, you’ll score major brownie points for surprising her and keeping such a big secret – she will feel really special!


These might seem pretty obvious but when planning something as monumental as a proposal, it’s easy to forget the basics. You’ll need to tick the following list;

  • Ideally the ring needs to be ready in time for the weekend you’ve booked.
  • Make sure she knows where you’re heading or if you choose to keep the whole thing a surprise, get a friend or family member to help you pack her bag so its appropriate for your Drakensberg weekend away.
  • Either have a map and route planned out before hand or ask one of our guides to help you choose the perfect spot on the hike trails.
  • Snacks will need to be something you think about too. Do you want to pack a picnic basket/champagne/snacks for along the way?

So…with a little help from us at Antbear Lodge you might just be able to top the last proposal your girlfriend saw on Facebook.

Book an unforgettable stay with us and pop the question surrounded by majestic peaks!

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