Got your head set in a Drakensberg Eco lodge getaway? Set on a secluded mountain farm in the Drakensberg is Antbear Lodge. This is a unique Eco lodge is ideal for a nature lover’s active getaway. The Eco lodge is equally suited for just relaxing.

Antbear Lodge - Drakensberg eco lodge
Antbear Lodge – Drakensberg Eco lodge

This Drakensberg Eco lodge is a great base from which to explore the Drakensberg Mountains. Activities on site include mountain biking, hiking, swimming, horse riding, birding, stargazing, hot air ballooning, slack packing, abseiling and so more.

History of Antbear Eco Lodge

It all started some 20 years ago where we left our corporate lifestyle in Germany and started our attempt of living differently. The first step resulted in the construction of a straw bale building, an alternative building method that uses local resources with low impact on the world. Even the thatch for the roof was cut on the farm and the main costs of this construction type are labor keeping our money in the local economy. Since then we have built from sun dried bricks, rammed earth, cob and locally sourced stone from the farm.

Self sufficiency

We have our own chickens for eggs, our own cows for milk and an organic vegetable garden. We bake our own bread and even make our own yogurt and cheese. Antbear Lodge is a strong believer in permaculture, has developed an earth worm farm and compost with a minimum waste policy and what we do produce as waste we try our utmost to recycle. Polystyrene is our last issue for which we have not found a recycle solution yet. We are also a haven for rescued animals and have taken on abused donkeys, horses, pigs and more. Few of these animals will ever be work animals and we are basically just offering them a loved environment to retire in.


Antbear Lodge makes an effort in conservation too and we take our responsibility as stewards looking after this farm seriously. We try to remove alien invader species like wattle, hawthorn and american bramble. We keep poaching to a minimum and that is mostly due to our relationship with our community. Our latest project in partnership with a neighbor farm is establishing a vulture restaurant together with a vulture hide. The hope is that the vulture hide will be taken on by tourists wanting to photograph vultures and the funding can be put back into new vulture conservation efforts.

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