Cathedral Peak

Cathedral Peak

The soaring pinnacle of Cathedral Peak is one of the finest summits in the Drakensberg and acts as the perfect backdrop to this beautiful valley.

Drakensberg bushman rock art eland cave cathedral peak
Rock art in the Drakensberg. – Eland Cave

Climbing the Cathedral Peak itself, although a fairly rocky scramble, is possible in a day and doesn’t require any rope work – although to look at it from the valley below it appears fairly daunting and shouldn’t be attempted by novice hikers. Best to take a local guide with you.

The area of Cathedral Peak, surrounded as it is by wilderness and some of the most spectacular mountain scenery imaginable – the peak is bordered by two wilderness areas the Mdedeleo and Mlambonja – is a retreat for hikers, nature lovers, mountain bikers and rock climbers. The selection of winding trails through mountain scenery, streams, waterfalls, pools and overgrown trees make wandering this terrain an addictive experience.

Mike’s Pass, a steep but very convenient access to the crest of the Little Berg, south of Cathedral Peak, allows one the most breathtaking views of the central Drakensberg, and one can only manage the road with a 4×4 vehicle – quite an alternative to peak-viewing from the lengthy and rather taxing climbing option, for those who aren’t into hiking.

There’s a day walk to Rainbow Gorge, named for the kaleidoscope that forms in the spray from the stream, that is not only home to the fairies, but is also an easier alternative, and certainly a flatter one, to the summit of Cathedral Peak.

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