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Antbear Lodge - Best price guarentee

By booking directly you will get the best price at Antbear Lodge. Our guarantee is that if you find Antbear Lodge offered cheaper anywhere on the web we will match and better that price with like for like.

Antbear Lodge - Best price guarentee
Antbear Lodge “best price guarantee”

Why you should always book directly

  • Sustainability – First and foremost booking directly contributes to the sustainability of tourism. Tourism is about benefiting the local communities. By using an agent or online booking tool like 65%+ of the profit margin does not benefit the local community. In fact in most cases booking through a 3rd party does not even benefit the country you are visiting.
  • Best Price – You will get the best price available. Its safe to say you can always get a 15% discount and this discount could be way higher. Why pay high commissions to online booking platforms or travel agents when you could save yourself that commission by booking directly? If there is a deal at 50% off well that deal is also available directly.
  • Cancellation conditions – You will always get better cancellation conditions directly from Antbear Lodge. The reason is simple. We have our cancellation policy and its really flexible. Should you book through a 3rd party our policy applies. Some choose to pass on that policy as is but most add their own conditions
  • Extras – Clients who book direct get the same benefits as everyone else. We give everyone the same 100% attention you deserve. However make sure you check what you are getting from the 3rd party. A sneaky trick for example is to remove dinner from their package and make you pay for it as an extra making it seem like their rate is cheaper. It never is cheaper to book through someone else. I might just seem that way.

Get the best price at Antbear Lodge right now

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