Antbear Lodge as a remote work destination in the Drakensberg

South Africa digital nomad

Antbear Lodge is an ideal remote work destination in the Drakensberg. If you think working from home in a city suburb beats going to the office every day, imagine how much more satisfying and productive you can be working from a magical location in the Drakensberg Mountains. Become a digital nomad its the new way to work

South Africa digital nomad

Of course you have the mesmerizing view of the Drakensberg as a distraction. Not to mention the fresh air and wide open space. On the other hand its peace and quiet and we have a decent WiFi connection at the lodge to keep you being productive.

When you need a well-deserved break, you can go for a short walk walk down to the dam to rejuvenate your brain cells and get your creative juices flowing. If you would like to bring your do then thats a yes, Antbear Lodge is also a pet friendly remote work destination.

To encourage these kinds of remote working we are offering a 30% discount off our normal rates for a minimum three-night stay. Rates for longer stays can also be negotiated.

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