A family-friendly holiday in the Drakensberg Mountains

Central Drakensberg

The Drakensberg Mountains is one of the top family friendly holiday destinations in South Africa. Not only does it feature some of the most grandeur landscapes and dramatic rock formations in the world. It’s also known for some of the best hiking and cycling adventures in South Africa.

family friendly Drakensberg holiday
Family friendly holidays in the Drakensberg

A must-do, once in a lifetime experience if you are a family of nature lover and outdoor enthusiasts. Normal being in the remote outdoors isn’t always the easiest choice when you have a family with young toddlers but the Drakensberg Mountains is a destination geared for family travel.

You can hike the Drakensberg Mountains and share this hiking experience with your family. The Drakensberg can be the ultimate non-camping and children-friendly holiday destination with farm stays, lodges, family hotels, self catering cottages and yes if really want to camp there are plenty of family opportunities too.

What reall stands out is the number of family fun activities on offer in the Drakensberg. We are talking horse trails, quad bikes, mountain bike trails, canopy tours, down hill scooters, bird of prey shows and a reptile park. There is also candle dipping, chocolate dipping, putt putt, and paintball. Download this free guide to the Drakensberg attractions. Included is a whole chapter in family friendly attractions

Drakensberg roughly translates to ‘the mountain of dragons’. It is one of the most notable, natural features on the African continent and declared both a UNESCO natural and cultural world heritage site. It’s easy to see why. Visits to the rock art sites for families is best at Giants Castle. Its a short walk to get there and there is also an out door museum and guide available at Main Caves (Giants Castle)

The Drakensberg is the highest mountain range in South Africa at a maximum height of 3,482 meters above sea level. There is an unlimited number of hiking trails in the mountains. Of particular interest is the family friendly slack packing trail called the Giants Castle Slack Packing Trail. You basically walk lodge to lodge and your luggage gets transported to you next nights accommodation for you. There are countless other day hiking trails in the Drakensberg.

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