4×4 off roading in the Drakensberg

Drakensberg 4x4 off roading Sani Pass

The are a number of 4×4 off roading opportunities in the Drakensberg. Antbear Lodge has created a rudimentary 4×4 route on the farm and invites 4×4 enthusiasts to come and extend these 4×4 routes.

The Drakensberg 4×4 trail gets you to the top of the hill above Antbear Lodge

The Drakensberg offers 4×4 off roading and trails that are amongst the best in the South Africa. Natural obstacles – steep slopes, rock steps, sand river crossings, mud shale slopes will challenge all 4×4 enthusiasts. Or if you prefer the less rugged, make it an easy outing, using a map of the Drakensberg region and GPS co-ordinates to explore all that the Drakensberg Mountains has to offer.

Antbear Lodge 4×4 trails – A number of rudimentary 4×4 tracks exist at Antbear Lodge. 4×4 groups and clubs love to come and help to establish more of these off road routes. If you would like to arrange an event for your club please just get hold of us. Normally we are able to arrange special rates to do this.

Sani Pass – We can hardly talk about 4x4s and the Drakensberg without mentioning the Sani Pass. This is a fairly challenging 4×4 route with access from Himeville in the southern Drakensberg. The pass twists and climbs upwards, beneath towering cliffs and buttresses, reaching the top of the Drakensberg escarpment at 2 873m. You need a passport to cross the border post into Lesotho at the top. There is a lovely back road that connects Antbear Lodge via Lower Loteni with the Sani Pass and this would make for a great 4×4 day adventure.

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