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Who is the Antbear Guest House

All of us here at the Antbear Guest House share a passionate love for the Drakensberg Mountains and enjoy sharing our hospitality with with our guests. We feel that we are more than just an accommodation establishment but rather a Drakensberg experience where we can offer you something special from the heart.

Andrew, Conny and Phumlani

Conny and AndrewAndrew used to be involved with computers and ran a small IT consultant business in Germany. That was many years ago but that has kept us in good standing especially with things like web sites. Andrew moved back to South Africa in 2000 and has looked for a slower pace of life and a more rural way of living. That resulted in the creation of the Antbear Guest House. Andrew now has time to spend onnew ventures. He is currently publishing a coffee table book about the Drakensberg and has just learned to fly a microlight. Spend some time with him and talk about the many places in the world he has been from Antartica to the Sudan

Conny has made here home in South Africa. She married Andrew in 1996 and was the inspiring drive to come here and start a guest house. Conny grew tired of her stressful life in Cologne has found here place creating our own little paradise. She has established an organic vegitable garden, learned to ride and train horses, has created masterpieces with alternative building styles and is the glue that holds the Antbear together. It had always been a dream of hers to look after animals and here at the Antbear she has fulfilled them completly

Phumlani is the newest addition to the Antbear team. Phumlani grew up in the Drakensberg region and is alos passionate about our mountains. He can talk for hours about rock art sites that few other know about and is a great host. He has lead an interesting life so far which include living at a budhist retreat center, producing music and movies and working for TV current affairs. He is a descendent of the famous Langalilabele after who the pass at Giants Castle has been named.

Thoko, Lindi, Nomusa, Paulus and Bheki


Thoko has been a part of our Antbear family since the very beginning. Without Thoko something wuld be missing from the Antbear. She helps out where ever it is nessesary from wecoming you to our guest House to making sure the garden is not being neglected or that the rasberries are being cooked into jam. She has recently together with conny started to learn to spinn wool, knit and weave as we slowly start our new home weavng venture.

Paulus is the main man as far as getting the building things done. But there is much more to him than creating caves, alternative structureand artistic plasterwork. He is an arch bishop to the local area for the Zulu Apostolic Church. So when he is not to busy with his Godly things he earns an income here. Without him things here would not work as well.

Inja, Flecki, Sheeba & Lea


We have 4 dogs who are as important a part of the Antbear as anyone else. They keep us entertained and are very welcoming. Although they are mostly not at the guest house the do come over from time to time and say hello.

Greywing, Rain & Star


Horses are something Conny became interested in when she got here. Greywing was her first and together they both learned to ride. We now have 9 horses and offer horse trails on the property. The views are lovely and we offer a very safe environment for beginners to experience horse trails. Alison guides the trails and she is a proffessional horse riding instructer so you could not be in better hands. Ane we have all the safety gear too.

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